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Feed People, Not Landfills

Have you ever wondered where your uneaten food goes after you throw it in the trash? Wasted food is a significant problem in the US and around the world, even contributing to climate change. While some families go hungry, others throw away scraps which end up in a landfill.  Food scraps make up the second […]

United States and Japan: Kill the Death Penalty!

By Ben Perlmutter This summer, the Islamic State filled headlines across the world for its filmed decapitation of American and European journalists and aid workers. President Obama called the beheading of American journalist James Foley “an act of violence that shocks the conscience.”[1] While the Islamic State’s beheadings are undoubtedly morally evil, similar affronts to human dignity are occurring […]

O Grab Me: The US-Cuba Embargo in the 21st Century

By Hobie Hunter Few observers in the 1970s would have predicted that while the US would not have flying cars, it would still be levying an embargo against Cuba. The embargo has not accomplished its stated goal of pushing Cuba toward “democratization and greater respect for human rights. ”[1] In fact, it has been a […]

The P-5 Veto Requires Reform

By: Bryan Reines The United Nations’ stated goal is to prevent war, advocate for human rights, create a climate of justice, raise the standard of living, and promote international cooperation. [1] The U.N.’s effectiveness peaked between 1987 and 1991, where the international organization played a key role in easing conflict in Afghanistan, Namibia, Lebanon, and […]

Putin’s “Exceptional” Argument

By: Nicole Goetz As Americans, it is common to think that when we invest our time and resources abroad they are always appreciated on the receiving end. When disaster strikes some place in the world, the international community looks to the United States for help and aid. Based on past international policies, we see ourselves […]

When Motion Pictures and Foreign Policy Collide

By: Maija Ehlinger Perhaps you celebrated the Eighty-Fifth Academy Awards in grand style, taking in the Hollywood & Highland spectacle from the night.  This year’s films dazzled moviegoers the world over; transporting audiences back to moments of historical legend, into present-day terror cells, and even into the chaotic and vividly stimulating mind of an Indian […]

Air Quality in Afghanistan: The Importance of Environmental Health and American Policy

By: Maija Ehlinger  Barack Obama’s second inaugural speech this January provided an unmistakable message to the American public and the world. With a renewed sense of hope and optimism, Obama reminded us that our generation inherited the revolutionary thoughts of 1776, the passion of the street marches in Selma, and the countless other moments that […]


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