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Feed People, Not Landfills

Have you ever wondered where your uneaten food goes after you throw it in the trash? Wasted food is a significant problem in the US and around the world, even contributing to climate change. While some families go hungry, others throw away scraps which end up in a landfill.  Food scraps make up the second […]

O Grab Me: The US-Cuba Embargo in the 21st Century

By Hobie Hunter Few observers in the 1970s would have predicted that while the US would not have flying cars, it would still be levying an embargo against Cuba. The embargo has not accomplished its stated goal of pushing Cuba toward “democratization and greater respect for human rights. ”[1] In fact, it has been a […]

The P-5 Veto Requires Reform

By: Bryan Reines The United Nations’ stated goal is to prevent war, advocate for human rights, create a climate of justice, raise the standard of living, and promote international cooperation. [1] The U.N.’s effectiveness peaked between 1987 and 1991, where the international organization played a key role in easing conflict in Afghanistan, Namibia, Lebanon, and […]

Emory Journal of International Affairs Issue 1

Over the last year, the Emory Journal of International Affairs has been publishing op-ed articles to this online blog. This January, EJIA is releasing its first long-form academic journal, presenting articles from undergraduate students across academic disciplines at Emory University. Included below is our first issue, presented in electronic form. Topics range from economic development […]

Growing Old in the Third World: How population shifts will change humanitarian aid

By: Maija Ehlinger  The 67th Annual UN General Assembly wrapped up with the pomp and circumstances and all the debate that one can expect from such a meeting. Talks centered on the geopolitical strife that plagues many regions of the world, and of course focused efforts on promoting stability. And as the assembly dealt with […]

South Sudan: A Year in Review

By: Maija Ehlinger The world’s newest nation turned one last month.  This July 9th anniversary was a poignant reminder of the hope as well as the struggle that accompanies a new republic.  It was a celebration rising out of a 22-year guerilla war that divided a land brought together by external imperial powers.  It was […]

The United Nations and Humanitarian Intervention

By: Sweta Maturu Humanitarian intervention is an issue that is hotly contested for its use and non-use. Controversy over its use surrounds issues of sovereignty and the norm of non-intervention. The failures of the international community to respond adequately to the crimes against humanity during the 1990s contribute to the controversy over its non-use. Humanitarian […]


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