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Fight to the Finish: Polio Eradication Efforts in the 21st Century

By: Kate Moran   Polio eradication is considered one of the 21st Century’s greatest medical successes. In 2009 fewer than 2,000 cases were reported worldwide. In 2012 that number decreased to only 223.[1] Intensive national immunization programs in countries ranging from Peru to Japan are responsible for these figures, but organizations within the private sector, […]

Territorial Disputes: Kashmir

By: Lauren Webb Pakistan and India fought their first war the same year they achieved independence from British rule. Ever since, relations have been sensitive in the best of times and resulted in war in the worst of times. The first war evolved from the disputed territory of Kashmir, which remains the longest-running unresolved border […]

The Problem with Pakistan

By: Christopher Linnan During the presidential foreign policy debate, Mitt Romney was asked whether he believed America should dump Pakistan as an ally due to the fact that quite a few prominent terrorists – including Osama bin Laden – seem to take refuge there, and due to the blatant anti-Americanism in the country.  Romney’s response […]

An Airstrike, a Doctor, and Amateurism; Current Issues in US-Pakistan Relations

By: Martin Sigalow Through a combination of tactical and strategic missteps, United States-Pakistan relations have been driven to a historic low by both parties. This paper will explore these missteps in detail. Deteriorating US-Pakistan relations could massively complicate US Afghani counterterrorism operations. The US needs a friendly Pakistan at least until US troops are finally […]


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