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Japan’s Most Important Paper: Too Dangerous to Revise

By: Nathaniel Sawyer   Riding his public popularity and his party’s majority in both the Lower House and the Upper House of the Japanese Diet, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan has a unique window of opportunity to attempt the passage of a key agenda item that has been on the Liberal Democratic Party of […]

Inequality in the First World

Inequality Deep in the First World: the Story of Japan

By: Martin Sigalow The World Economic Forum’s annual review of gender equality downgraded Japan in its 2012 report to 101st in the world in terms of gender equality. [1] This ordinal ranking, which places Japan right below Malaysia, is shocking to the degree that it is since most residents of the developed world tend to […]

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Territorial Disputes: The South China Seas

By: Lauren Webb This article will be the first in a monthly series on Territorial Disputes throughout the world here on EJIA. The goal is to offer some background and context to disputes that persist to this day. With the ongoing escalation of rhetoric in the China Seas, it only seemed appropriate to begin with […]

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Pacific Rivalry: Continued Escalation over the Senkaku and Daioyu Islands

By: Lauren Webb Despite the summer heat, thousands have gathered throughout China for anti-Japanese protests over disputed islands in the East China Sea, called the Senkaku Islands by Japan (part of Okinawa prefecture), or the Diaoyu Islands by China. China and Japan have each publicly claimed the islands for decades, but over this summer the […]

Japan’s Resurgent Power

By: Lauren Webb Almost continuously for 54 years, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) controlled The Diet, Japan’s parliament. But in 2009, amid a rising debt problem and growing public disenchantment with the establishment, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) took control. They promised to reduce the control of Japan’s bureaucracy. They promised not […]

Japanese Nuclear Proliferation: a Coming Firestorm

By: Martin Sigalow Japan’s newfound commitment to deploying nuclear technology for potentially military means should be a concern for the United States and its allies around the world. In early June, Japan amended its Atomic Energy Basic Act to add a clause that listed “guaranteeing the nation’s security” as one of the goals of nuclear […]


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