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India’s ongoing battle with corruption

By: Nikhil Bontha   In 2010, a group of Indian politicians and government officials were accused of taking bribes from telecom company executives in the biggest corruption scandal in India’s post-independence history. India, the world’s second-largest cell phone market with almost 700 million customers, was in the process of auctioning off second-generation (2G) frequency allocation […]

Rays of hope amid rape cases in India

By: Alexis Suh              On December 16, 2012 on a bus in New Delhi, India, six men brutally gang-raped a 23-year-old female paramedic, who later died from the injuries.[1] On August 2013, five men gang-raped a female photojournalist in her early twenties.[2] As sexual assault cases in India continue to make headlines across the […]

Fair is Beautiful and “Dark is Beautiful” Too

By: Alexis Jung Suh   In countries around the world, skin color is often associated with success, intelligence and even personality. Mainstream Indian culture propagates the myth that skin fairness is necessary to become powerful and wealthy. Due to this absurd belief, the skin-whitening cream market is worth nearly half a billion dollars in India […]

“Do no harm”: Corruption in the Indian Healthcare System

By: Lauren Webb In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, a hysterectomy (the removal of a woman’s uterus) is an operation of last resort, conducted only after a biopsy or other tests confirm cancer and rarely necessary for women under age 40. In several states in India, however, a recent Oxfam report […]

Territorial Disputes: Kashmir

By: Lauren Webb Pakistan and India fought their first war the same year they achieved independence from British rule. Ever since, relations have been sensitive in the best of times and resulted in war in the worst of times. The first war evolved from the disputed territory of Kashmir, which remains the longest-running unresolved border […]

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Teach for India: ‘Taking matters into their own hands’ has never been more accurate

By: Pritika Gupta (Warning: The political edge of this article is highly questionable, if not invisible. But this article is from the heart and if you think about it, wouldn’t politics also be better that way?) If you’ve spent your whole life in Mumbai (just as I have), it is rather difficult to not marvel […]

India’s far reach

By: Lauren Webb With the test launch of the Agni V this week, India is capable of striking northern parts of China previously out of reach militarily. The only other countries with long-range weapons of this capability are the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, an international body India has sought to join […]


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