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Repeating the Past: Further Mass Protest in Egypt

By: Andrew Morsilli   Egypt is once again becoming the scene of protest against a government perceived to be repressive and tyrannical by some elements within the country. The ousting of president Morsi in recent months has sparked new waves of protests and clashes with the new military backed government that has taken power. It […]

Whoops: Living With the Consequences of Democracy in Egypt

By: Christopher Linnan On November 22, Mohamed Morsi[i], the Egyptian president and member of the Islamic brotherhood, issued a presidential decree. This decree essentially destroyed the power of the judiciary in Egypt – at least temporarily, while the new Egyptian constitution is passed.  The timing of this political decree is most likely tied to the […]

A Coptic Revival: Egypt’s Christian Community and Consequences of the Arab Spring

By: Kate Moran On an unassuming morning in December 2010, Muhammad Bouazizi, a young man in the provincial Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid, set off to work as he had done every other morning for as long as he could remember. Several hours later, a policewoman confiscated his fruit and vegetable cart. Instead of accepting […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

By: Christopher Linnan Americans tend to have a rather idealized view of the world and how other people think.  We often believe that other nations are composed of good and bad guys, with the former fighting for democracy and the latter fighting for totalitarian rule.  This type of thinking landed us in futile wars in […]


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