By: Maija Ehlinger ‘Health’ has a complicated definition today.  ‘Global health’ tends to be defined by buzz phrases like ‘AIDS in Africa’ or ‘famine in Nigeria.’ Such terms make it so that providing humanitarian care becomes more about Western intervention during times of tragedy and disaster, while largely ignoring basic ‘health’ promotion on a day-to-day […]

By: Bryan Reines On May 23, President Obama spoke at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. to address rising concerns about America’s counterterrorism strategies.  According to a Gallup poll conducted on March 20-21, 65% of the American public agrees the U.S. government should use drones against suspected terrorists.[i]  Nevertheless, the Obama Administration felt the […]

By: Christopher Linnan In politics it often makes more sense to be confidently wrong than unconfidently right.  Unfortunately, this lesson was demonstrated many times over during the Bush Administration and its War on Terror.  The last five years have seen a sharp relief from the previous presidency and its approach to combating terrorism.  If one […]

By: Kate Moran Not quite Israel and not quite a sovereign entity, the Gaza Strip is the most densely populated area in the world.[1] Home to more than 1.7 million inhabitants and comprising a total area of only 360 square kilometers[2], the Gaza Strip is arguably the most volatile region on earth. In 2006, the […]

Inequality in the First World

By: Martin Sigalow The World Economic Forum’s annual review of gender equality downgraded Japan in its 2012 report to 101st in the world in terms of gender equality. [1] This ordinal ranking, which places Japan right below Malaysia, is shocking to the degree that it is since most residents of the developed world tend to […]

By: Lauren Webb In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, a hysterectomy (the removal of a woman’s uterus) is an operation of last resort, conducted only after a biopsy or other tests confirm cancer and rarely necessary for women under age 40. In several states in India, however, a recent Oxfam report […]

By: Maija Ehlinger Perhaps you celebrated the Eighty-Fifth Academy Awards in grand style, taking in the Hollywood & Highland spectacle from the night.  This year’s films dazzled moviegoers the world over; transporting audiences back to moments of historical legend, into present-day terror cells, and even into the chaotic and vividly stimulating mind of an Indian […]


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