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From Russia With Hate

By Hobie Hunter The situation in Russia for LGBTQ people has deteriorated dramatically over the past few years. Vladimir Putin’s government has fostered homophobic sentiment and passed oppressive legislature in an attempt to bolster its own political positions. This has led to an upswing in vigilante violence against queer people in Russia. Russia’s persecution of […]

From Lagos to Lilongwe, Disappointing Progress on LGBT Rights

By Hobie Hunter The status of LGBT rights in Africa is truly worrisome. Compared to regions such as the Americas or Western Europe, the continent has seen little progress. What changes it has seen have been for the worse. Gay people have been “denied access to health care, detained, tortured, and even killed.”[1] Several trends underlie […]

A Rainbow Wave Across Latin America

By Hobie Hunter Coverage of LGBT rights internationally usually comes in two varieties. Recent headlines that come to mind include “Florida gets out of marriage equality’s way[1]” and “Net tightening on gay and lesbian west Africans[2].” While the United States and Western Europe have made strong progress on LGBT rights, stagnation or regression are seen […]

O Grab Me: The US-Cuba Embargo in the 21st Century

By Hobie Hunter Few observers in the 1970s would have predicted that while the US would not have flying cars, it would still be levying an embargo against Cuba. The embargo has not accomplished its stated goal of pushing Cuba toward “democratization and greater respect for human rights. ”[1] In fact, it has been a […]


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