Monthly Archives: December 2014

Erdogan and Turkish Democratic Backsliding

By Stephen Jaber President Recep Erdogan, the current President and former Prime Minister of Turkey, is at the forefront of Turkey’s systematic turn to authoritarian policies of restricting the press and silencing political opponents.[1] Erdogan was once a symbol of Turkey’s pivot to Europe, education reform and medical advances. Now he supports unchecked government corruption, […]

Feed People, Not Landfills

Have you ever wondered where your uneaten food goes after you throw it in the trash? Wasted food is a significant problem in the US and around the world, even contributing to climate change. While some families go hungry, others throw away scraps which end up in a landfill.  Food scraps make up the second […]

Revolution 2.0: Egypt’s Economic Metamorphosis

By Kate Moran Unemployment is one of the most difficult and insidious threats facing the Middle East today. If gone unchecked, it has the potential to increase regional instability [1], augment militant groups’ capacity to recruit followers [2], and to permanently damage the Arab world’s economic prospects [3]. A booming youth population and threats from […]


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