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Russian Homophobia Sparks Worldwide Controversy and Tough Decisions in Preparation of the Olympic Games

By: Bryan Reines In June 2013 Vladimir Putin signed into law legislation that aims to “protect” the youth of Russia by banning homosexual propaganda.   The world has since focused its attention on homophobic discrimination occurring at an institutional level all over Russia, even in vibrant and developed cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow.1 These abominable […]

Rays of hope amid rape cases in India

By: Alexis Suh              On December 16, 2012 on a bus in New Delhi, India, six men brutally gang-raped a 23-year-old female paramedic, who later died from the injuries.[1] On August 2013, five men gang-raped a female photojournalist in her early twenties.[2] As sexual assault cases in India continue to make headlines across the […]

Putin’s “Exceptional” Argument

By: Nicole Goetz As Americans, it is common to think that when we invest our time and resources abroad they are always appreciated on the receiving end. When disaster strikes some place in the world, the international community looks to the United States for help and aid. Based on past international policies, we see ourselves […]

Breaking from the Past: Hungary & Lustration

By: Harlan Cutshall  Harlan is a junior currently studying Central and Eastern European Politics at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary for the fall semester. Over the next four months, he hopes to use the EJIA to discuss issues facing Hungary and the region as they orient themselves to further integrate into the European Community.   […]


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