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Inequality in the First World

Inequality Deep in the First World: the Story of Japan

By: Martin Sigalow The World Economic Forum’s annual review of gender equality downgraded Japan in its 2012 report to 101st in the world in terms of gender equality. [1] This ordinal ranking, which places Japan right below Malaysia, is shocking to the degree that it is since most residents of the developed world tend to […]

“Do no harm”: Corruption in the Indian Healthcare System

By: Lauren Webb In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, a hysterectomy (the removal of a woman’s uterus) is an operation of last resort, conducted only after a biopsy or other tests confirm cancer and rarely necessary for women under age 40. In several states in India, however, a recent Oxfam report […]

EJIA Celebrates Women’s Month!

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Emory Journal of International Affairs is celebrating Women’s Month in March!  We will be touching on a wide variety of women’s issues from around the world.  Feel free to submit an article via [email protected], or read up on international women’s rights movements right here on the […]

Emory Journal of International Affairs Issue 1

Over the last year, the Emory Journal of International Affairs has been publishing op-ed articles to this online blog. This January, EJIA is releasing its first long-form academic journal, presenting articles from undergraduate students across academic disciplines at Emory University. Included below is our first issue, presented in electronic form. Topics range from economic development […]

growing up in kandahar box.fw

Coming of Age in Kandahar: An Unlikely Example of Girl Power

By: Kate Moran  As the youngest of three daughters, girls’ empowerment has always been an important (if unspoken) issue. Important, because my parents wanted to ensure that their children knew and experienced the same freedoms as everyone else. Unspoken, because it didn’t have to be. Growing up in white, middle-class suburbia, my sisters and I […]

The Shining example of…Iceland?

By: Kate Cyr I’m going to take an educated guess and say that few of you followed Iceland’s election last week. I wouldn’t have either, given that the last time I even thought about Iceland was when that unpronounceable volcano erupted. Until I heard about Thora Arnorsdottir, that is. Arnorsdottir was the closest challenger to […]

Tunisia, Women’s Rights, And Constitutional Reform

By: Martin Sigalow Tunisia, a country many view as a relatively benign member of the so-called “Arab Spring” countries, is currently in a crucial governmental transition period that will determine the role civil and religious issues will play in governmental policies. Tunisian general elections were held last October following the ouster of former Tunisian autocrat […]


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